Smart Storage Ideas to Make More Room at Home

Tired of closets overflowing and piles and stacks of stuff everywhere? It’s not that you are messy; you have just run out of storage space. Clutter in a home makes the room appear smaller than it is. Many homes have a lot of wasted space.

The idea here is to locate these wasted spaces and then use them more efficiently. Below are a few ideas on how to create storage space at home.

Big storage containers and boxes

The idea here is to declutter and create more space. Containers help to keep everything placed neatly. Most of these practical storage containers are designed to slide in places such as below the bed out of sight and provide you with more floor space.

These storage containers and boxes are designed to be versatile and useful as storage spaces and double up as coffee tables, footrests, and end tables.

Hooks and door hinges

Areas such as behind doors are prime storage spaces. Hooks and door hinges mounted can carry coats, gloves, and an assortment of scarves. You can also hook hand small baskets securely on the wall next to entry doors for last-minute items, such as keys and cell phones.

Use decorative accessories

These can have a dual purpose. For instance, a flower vase holding silk flower stems can also secure napkin rings and holiday decorations.

Put shelves

These can be placed in various parts of the house. For instance, in the bathroom, you can put a shelf under the bathroom sink to store towels, cleaning products, and soap. Unused space over the toilet is an excellent place for a set of shelves to keep bath salts, extra hand towels, and such.

You can also install a frame over the shower, if possible, to keep your bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and soaps. Hallways are great places to display artwork and other collectibles on shelves. A shelf over the doors will allow you to store many things, from decorations to mementos.

Make use of vertical spaces

You can utilize the vertical spaces in your home, such as walls and areas below and above the furniture, to your advantage to create more storage space. Consider installing bookcases that extend from the floor to the ceiling so that you can store collectibles, storage containers, books as well as display your works of art and pictures.

Going for tall wardrobes is another smart move as it helps you save horizontal space. Wall units placed on the wall above the furniture are another great addition.

With a little inventiveness, you can make use of the unutilized space in your home to your advantage, without necessarily the need to make significant renovations or relocate to a bigger house.